2010 National Specialty - Oconomowoc, WI
50th Anniversary - Vizsla Club of America
BrazenRock Vizslas made their mark in Oconomowoc, setting the bar high for our future litters. 
Our sincere gratitude goes to Judges Marjorie Martorella, Sue Shore and Mareth Kipp for recognizing our dogs among such large, qualified entries.
We congratulate and thank Jenna Iacobellis for her role in the many successes we've enjoyed this year.  What a ride!
Jenna Iacobellis with Libby
BrazenRock Who's That Girl - LIBBY

1st Place 9-12 Mos Sweeps-BEST PUPPY in SWEEPSTAKES           1st Regular 9-12 Mos Class-RESERVE WINNERS BITCH
Owners:  Fred & Linda Hachtel, Jenna Iacobellis, Dianne Kramlich
BrazenRock Grass Valley Nightshade - KYANNE 

                      2nd Place 9-12 Months Puppy Sweepstakes                                                        1st Place Bred By Exhibitor Class
Owners:  Mike & Holly Witzel, Dianne Kramlich 
                  BrazenRock Southern Comfort - THOMAS                 CH BrazenRock Causin' A Commotion JH - CAYANNE
2nd Place 9-12 Mos Sweepstakes & 3rd Place Regular 9-12 Mos Class                                                 Award of Merit
         Owners:  Bob Steele, Dianne Kramich, Jenna Iacobellis                           Owners:  Fred & Linda Hachtel, Jenna Iacobellis, Dianne Kramlich
Am/Intl CH BrazenRock Vidam Tars Vadasz JH - TONNA                     BrazenRock Blue Nose Best - CALEB
                    1st Place Brood Bitch                                                                Caleb gaiting handsomely in Bred By Exhibitor Class
       Owners:  Dr. Christina Frazier, Judy Johnson, Dianne Kramlich
 Tonna with Thomas and Libby in Brood Bitch Class







 Tonna x Hank Kids:    Caleb    Kyanne    Libby    Thomas


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